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Former Hartford University Student Will Not Face Charges... Of course.

Tuesday afternoon news came out that the former Hartford University student, Brionna Brochu, will not be facing hate crime charges, and prosecutors will not be filing addition charges against her.

I know we have all heard about this case that happened in October where Brionna, who is white, bragged on Instagram about contaminating her roommate Jazzy Rowe's, who is black, belongings with her bodily fluid. Brochu wrote as a caption on an Instagram post, “Finally did it yo girl got rid of her roommate!! After 1 1/2 month of spitting in her coconut oil, putting moldy clam dip in her lotions, rubbing used tampons [on] her backpack, putting her toothbrush places where the sun doesn’t shine and so much more I can finally say goodbye Jamaican Barbie.”

The Connecticut NAACP countinuoulsy pushed for prosecutors to charge Brochu with a felony hate crime claiming that this crime was motivated by race, but Brochu's lawyer, Thomas Stevens, viemently disagreed and I guess the prosecutors did as well.

Stevens said to reporters of the Hartford Courant that, “I think this is sort of not the case that you all have been fanning the flame on," ... "I think when it’s all said and done, what you’re gonna see is there was nothing racial that motivated this. He added that, “This was two students who were placed together, I think randomly … who didn’t like each other, like has been happening since kids went to school and became roommates,”.

The NAACP President, Scot X. Esdaile said to the Courant, “We expect [the prosecutors] to fight on behalf of the people of our community,” Esdaile added. “This is a hate crime. Let’s stop playing games. Let’s stop pushing this away,”

Like c'mon, how was this not a hate crime when even Brochu made race the main focus in her Instagram posts. This quote from Esdaile I believes wraps up how disappointing this verdict is to black and brown people and speaks to the harsh reality of being a PoC attending a PWI.

Although I am not shocked by the outcome of this case. Thomas Stevens is 100% correct. Things like this have been happening for forever. Black children are forced to leave justice in the hands of systems that could give a rats-ass about them. This case is a reminder that black and brown bodies are constantly thought as an after thought, and this case speaks to how the violence against black female bodies is overlooked and accepted in many areas of our society.

To Jazzy Rowe,

even though this case might have not worked out 100% your favor, remember that you are not alone. People that look like you and have understand you are behind you, even when the law is not.


imani jai

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