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Welcome to "Honestly Imani Jai". I’m thrilled you’re here—My name is Imani Jai, and I am a 21 y/o black girl from Pittsburgh, PA studying Theology & English Literature at Duquesne University. I am here writing about my college experience, the ups, the downs and the experiences in-between. I hope you find healing in my writings. I hope you find peace in my writings. I hope you find courage in my writings, but most of all I hope that you find a friend in my writings, a space to be unapologetically YOU!

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January 26, 2017


In the spirit of newness, this being a new year and this being a new blog, I will be sharing with you all some of the things I am actively working on in this new season of 2017. I have spent a good amount of time thinking about what I want out of this year. If I am...

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