This Has to Be a Joke... Right?

Recently, the Golden Globes announced that Jordan Peele's film "Get Out" will compete under the comedy/musical catergory in the 2018 Golden Globe Awards. When I first saw the articles on Twitter I thought to myself, "this has to be a joke... right?", but indeed it was not. For me and many other black people the movie was indeed a horror film and if you don't want to say it was a "horror" film, let's just chalk it up that majority of the film made us tense up in the theatre seats as we watched. It displayed some of our deepest fears of what it means to be black in America. The movie discussed hypersexualization, the objectification... of black people and that is really scary. Although this an

A Black Girl's Guided to Obtaining, Maintaining, and Sustaining: Self-care in the Era of Trump (

This past Friday I had the wonderful opportunity of showcasing my grant project and blog, honestlyimanijai, to the community at my event "Obtaining, Maintaining, and Sustaining: Self-care in the Era of Trump". It was a night full of food, fun, and more importantly conversation around a topic that often goes undiscussed-- the lack of authentic safe spaces for black women attending predominantly white institutions (PWIs). The evening was such an exciting one for me because I got to see that people believe in what I and so many other black women are trying to accomplish, and affirming that black women attending PWIs do have the power to obtain, maintain, and sustain space and their voice at PWI

SHHH!!: Sexual Violence & Black Silence on College Campuses

Over the past few weeks it seems that sexual violence has plagued my campus. Every other week there is a report on an alleged sexual assault on the news. It has gotten so bad that even my boyfriend has commented on the frequency of the reports. Sexual assault is a problem that presents itself on every college campus. Every college freshman has to sit through their school's Title IX presentation and you are given advice such as, "don't leave your cup unattended, "stay in a public place" or "go to parties in groups". Those words from your parents, teachers, and that Title IX presenter you thought was a waste of time, means something a little different when sexual assault is no longer this myst

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