In the spirit of newness...

2017 In the spirit of newness, this being a new year and this being a new blog, I will be sharing with you all some of the things I am actively working on in this new season of 2017. I have spent a good amount of time thinking about what I want out of this year. If I am completely frank with myself, because the blog is called honestly imani jai, I want to continue how I concluded 2016. Not to say that in 2016 I had all the answers because I can say with all honestly the year was a load of shit (a lot of that shit being my creation lol), but all-in-all I ended 2016 in a pretty good mindset. In 2017 want to continue on my path of growth- the growth of mind, the growth of body (health), the gro

"Why I am Here"

In the beginning of my time here in the world of higher ed. I had a hard time embracing how uncomfortable I made the people around me- by the way, I spoke, dressed, walked, etc. I literally was uncomfortable by how MY black femininity made others feel. Coming from a public school that was 67% black, 20% white, and whatever% "other", this world of whiteness left me perplexed at my own being (This was strange because I have always been a person who was comfortable in their own existence). Now looking back on those moments I'm baffled, but that is my truth. Me being so uncomfortable led me to become confused, somewhat fearful, and overall- frustrated. I feel like black girls/black women give up

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