"Trying to find your voice in a room that is already loud." That is what comes to mind when I picture my experience at a Predominantly White Institution. Being a black woman and attending a PWI is such an enigma. As a black woman, you find yourself second guessing everything you say and do.
In the beginning of my time here at my PWI, Duquesne University, I felt confused, misunderstood, alone, and uncomfortable. In the midst of searching for a space for my blackness at a place where it isn't comfortable to be black, a woman and trying to use my faith as a tool for growth, I created "Honestly Imani Jai". I wanted this to be a place where I could be honestly black, honestly woman, honestly human... honestly me. I invite you to be in this space with me - to learn, to be honest about our passions, our existence and explore what makes, excites and interests you as well.